Evolute reconnects advisors with clients

We understand wealth management goals and processes.
Evolute is seamlessly integrated, from client risk profiling to portfolio solutions.
Evolute closely links advisors and clients along the way.
Evolute is the only wealth management platform that can do this.

Evolute unlocks the true value of wealth management.

Freedom to focus, with our advisor tools
Trusting, open relationships, with our client portal
Winning business and investment results, with our portfolio solutions

Designed for your needs and with your clients in mind

For Independent Asset Managers

  • Easy to use and fully compliant
  • Reach new clients and grow your business
  • Spend more time on advice

Being Evolute-equipped helps cut the compliance time and costs, letting you return to what you do best.

For Private Banks

  • Scale your business and stay on top of it
  • Reach smaller clients profitably
  • Enhance and modernize the product offering

Being Evolute-equipped lets you connect with three generations of one family, in the way they wanted to connect, from one-on-one to completely digital.